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Foxy SEO tool is ok for someone who's just learned the basics of SEO trade. Here are a couple of this that harm the experience:
1. Why use a toolbar? aren't there enough of these already?
2. All results are given in a new tab, taking the user away from the content. This makes all the difference. Take SEOQuake for example - you get all the important seo data without needing to go to a different page (tab).
3. The Google Page Rank result is shouting about this being an automatic script.
4. Some of the social media entries (e.g. Digg) are unrelated to the site I was on

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (0.8.0) abgegeben. 

Results need to remain handy

Thanks for the review, Adam, but I'd like to clarify a few of your misunderstandings:
1- As mentioned in the long description, the toolbar can be deactivated and you can use the contextual menu (right click menu) instead. I may consider adding other options in the future.
2- Foxy SEO tool doesn't "extract"results from external sites to display to the user, it acts as a shortcut to send you directly to various web pages that offer desirable SEO related services. That's its current purpose.
3- The Google Page Rank result displays that notifications to all visitors, not just to users of Foxy SEO tool. The toolbar isn't doing any automatic queries, again, it's just a shortcut to their page and they benefit from the traffic.
4- I've verified and I don't experience any of those problems with the social media functions. On matters of possible bugs, this is not the place to discuss, you should contact me via the link to my web site and provide me more information.