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Version 0.1.2 795.2 KB Funktioniert mit Firefox 4.0 - 24.*

Fixes various bugs, including tabs and tooltips on Linux, and support for Firefox 21.

Has been tested on versions of Firefox up to 24, however a few minor bugs have been found, and are being fixed for 0.1.3, including webrtc icons, and the download manager.

Version 0.1.1 809.4 KB Funktioniert mit Firefox 4.0 - 21.*

Patches a bug where the pinned tabs become detached when the tab scrollbar is visible. Also adds an easier-to-read 1px white text shadow to the selected tab's label.

Version 0.1 790.6 KB Funktioniert mit Firefox 4.0 - 21.0a1

Now compatible with Firefox 20.0a1. Enjoy (:

Plus, in order to comply with the MPL 1.1, it is necessary to state that this work is entirely based on the theme Australis by the pseudonym SoapyHamHocks, gluxon and the developer Stephen Horlander. The files browser.css and Tabview.css have been modified on the 1st of December 2012 in order improve several bugs discovered.

And a note to the previous developers; I'm not trying to enrage you by uploading this modification, it's just that me (and plenty of other people) agree that the original app button in your generally awesome theme ruins it.