Youtube Audio

Stream only Audio on Youtube

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Open Link Directly (No Redirect)

Avoids the URL redirection on websites like Yahoo (or Google at times) and instead quietly opens the real links directly to help with speed and privacy, as it'd avoid redirection delays/potential ads/stats collection.

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No 'More' Yahoo!

Directly opens external links on Yahoo main page (http://www.yahoo.com) in a new tab. No need to load the one-paragraph Yahoo popup just to click the 'Read More' button to get to the actual external article any more.

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Speedy Google Play Music

A Firefox add-on that makes Google Play Music faster and better.

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Forget that page

Delete history, local and session storage for the current webpage, just with one click ! Available in 20+ different languages.

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Easy and quick search!

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Just Redirect!

Get to the destination url without any page in the middle attacks.

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Cisco WebEx Extension

WebEx-Meetings mit Firefox ™

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Form Hack

Show hidden inputs in HTML pages with this simple addon. The addon was created for testing purposes.

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ProdTime - PlugIn

Esta extensão informar dados necessários no título da aba do Browser, possibilitando Integração com o Produto ProdTime da LAMF Sistemas.
Por exemplo: caminho completo do google drive no título da janela.

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Force Images into Cache

Forces Images into cache

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request logging

log all request and write memory in a text file

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Stop loading images and other media by default like imglikeopera

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This extension is search bar for searching guitar tabs on 911tabs. On supported sites extension will prefill song name for search.

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Loctracker.lt addon to expand system possibilities

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Browser Zoomer

Keeps the browser zoomed in/out when you go to different pages so that you don't need to keep doing ctrl+ or ctrl- upon every new page load.

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Quản lý công việc - Daily ToDo

Hỗ trợ quản lý công việc cá nhân đơn giản & hiệu quả.

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