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Popup Blocker (strict)

Strictly block all popup requests from any website by default. A notification window is opened to allow you accept, reject, open the popup in background page, or redirect the current page to popup address

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Block Site

Easily block websites of your choice!

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Youtube Video Download

1. Install Extension
2. Play youtube video in your browser
3. Click the KV icon then click respective links to download
The most popular website's Youtube Video Download Extension

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Native HLS

Allow the browser to play HLS video urls (m3u8) 'natively'

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Social Fixer

Social Fixer for Facebook fixes annoyances, adds features, and enhances existing functionality to make FB more fun and efficient. Filter the news feed, hide sponsored posts and political posts, hide parts of the page you don't want to see, and more!

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Aliexpress Shopping Assistant

1. Die gleichen Produkte finden.
2. Preisentwicklung.
3. Preis in der App zeigen.
4. Verkäufer analysieren.
5. Shortcuts zum Aliexpress.

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Porn Blocker

Protect your children and family blocking access to adult content websites, from erotic to pornograhpic videos and photos.

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ClassLink OneClick Extension

ClassLink provides secure and simple single sign-on access to all your apps, files and classes from anywhere.

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Canvas Defender

Instead of completely blocking canvas fingerprinting, Canvas Defender add-on creates a unique and persistent noise that hides your real canvas fingerprint. This add-on protects you while browsing both in normal and private mode.

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Redux DevTools

DevTools for Redux with actions history, undo and replay.

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Hover Zoom+

Zoom images/videos on all your favorite websites (Facebook, Amazon, etc). Simply hover your mouse over the image to enlarge it.

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Don't track me Google

Removes the annoying link-conversion at Google Search / maps / ...

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Facebook Ad Block

Remove unwanted contents on the Facebook website, including sponsored posts and recommended pages/groups.

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Buy Wizard


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Google DataSaver proxy for Firefox

Google data compression proxy for Firefox-enables the DataSaver feature for Firefox
Slow Internet/Limited Data Plan ?? Try our Addon to experience faster browsing.
Read more About our Addon at our home page

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Vimeo Downloader

Download vimeo videos with a single click

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PointMp3 | Download youtube to mp3

Add a button to Youtube video directly, allowing you to download it's audio content as mp3 file instantly using

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Local Filesystem Links

Sucht nach lokalen Dateisystem-URIs (file:///). Klicke auf das von diesem Addon neben dem Link hinzugefügten Symbol, um ihn mit dem Windows-Explorer zu öffnen. Alternativ kann beliebig markierter Text per Kontextmenü als Pfad gestartet werden.

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Magic Actions for YouTube™

Enhance your YouTube watching experience! Auto HD, Ad Block, Cinema Mode, Mouse Wheel Volume Control, Screenshot...

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Xvideo downloader for Android

Easy to use video downloader created specifically for Android devices

Download porn videos to your device from with this addon

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