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Thunderbird Add-ons? Here's Some Great Ones! od autora Ken Saunders

Thunderbird add-ons that I've either used for years, or tested and highly suggest.

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Mozilla Labs Messaging Add-ons od autora Anonymous-5622283

The add-ons included in this collection are all ones that are part of the messaging category on Mozilla Labs:

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Email tools od autora Mpohalos

BK's default thunderbird addons list

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My Favorite Add-ons od autora Diego

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Leopard Mail Themes support Add-ons od autora REO-2007

Leopard Mail Themes support Add-ons

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German Privacy Foundation's Collection od autora Jans

Collection of privacy-enhancing and hassle-free add-ons which can be used automatically and without any expertise. Created by the German Privacy Foundation e.V.

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mar の Thunderbird 用アドオン od autora marsf

Thunderbird, Sunbird/Lightning 用のアドオン。

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我最喜爱的附加组件 od autora Calon

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PiroがThunderbirdで常用してるアドオン od autora Piro (piro_or)


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My Favorite Add-ons od autora mal916

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Thunderbird au boulot od autora klint

Quelques extensions très utiles au travail (que j'utilise tous les jours, actcheully).
Some add-ons useful at work (all the ones I use every day actually ;))

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Featured Add-ons for Thunderbird od autora Mozilla

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Mis complementos favoritos od autora Nico

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AbysmalTech's Thunderbird Faves od autora AbysmalTech

Spruce up your Thunderbird.

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Thunderbird Windows GMail IMAP od autora Admodieus

Collection of add-ons for getting your GMail through IMAP on Windows

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best-of-thunderbird-addons od autora Stephan Kleiber


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My Favorite Add-ons od autora Hellebaard

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Thunderbird 3: Install after upgrading od autora Aryx

Thunderbird 3: Install after upgrading

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MUG Thunderbird od autora MUG de

Dies ist die Sammlung von Thunderbird-Addons der Mozilla User Group Germany mit einem Schwerpunkt auf Sicherheit und Datenschutz. Die Addons werden auch regelmäßig aktualisiert.

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Reproductive Mailing od autora tommyleeho

Install collection #1: for designed, timed, personalized bulk mailing you need extra: Mail Tweak; #2 for address book data mining you need extra: Seek and MoreFunctionsForAddressBook; #3 nice reading.

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